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Tactica Medieval Rulebook

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Tactica Medieval Rulebook
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Type Historical
Historical Period Medieval
Brand Quantum Printing
Condition Used

Tactica Medieval Rulebook by Arty Conliffe and Ed Regendahl. Warfare from 1066 to the Wars of the Roses and including Italian City State warfare 1400-1500. Printed and Published by Quantum Printing, New York © 1992.


89 page paperback book with separate quick reference card. The rules can be used for any scale figures but are designed, primarily for 25mm and 15mm. Normal six sided dice are used and Imperial measurement is used throughout.


The book is divided into the following sections:


  • 36 pages of battle rules
  • 17 pages on siege warfare
  • 6 pages on campaign play
  • 17 pages of army lists with a 2 page supplement on Italian City States warfare
  • 4 historical scenarios with sketch maps Arsouf 1191, Bannockburn 1314, Castagnaro 1387, Agincourt 1415
  • The remainder of the book is taken up with a glossary, bibliography and advertisements.

This book has been stored in damp conditions at some stage, but is now dry. There are some scuffs and marks to the cover but the binding is secure and all internal content is clean and legible. 


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