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Stuart Press: 17th Century Footdrill Parts I & II

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Stuart Press: 17th Century Footdrill Parts I & II

17th Century Foot drill Parts 1 & 2: An introduction to 17th Century Footdrill compiled by John Litchfield, illustrated after “Directions for Musketeers” by Alison Clayton published as part of the English Civil War Battle Series by Stuart Press.

Part 1 First Edition 1995 Copyright Historical Management Associaties Ltd. 1995. ISBN 1 85804 074 4. 28 page A5 paperback booklet with black and white line drawing illustrations. This booklet, part one of two, covers the duties of each member of a company, the postures of Pike and Musket, basic information on the Drum, distance and dignity in Ranks and Files and the order and places of the Officers and Drums on a march.

Part II. First Edition 1995 Copyright Historical Management Associates Ltd. 1995. ISBN 1 85804 075 2. 52 page A5 paperback booklet. This booklet which is part two of two covers Facings, Doublings, Countermarches, Wheelings and several Figures of Battle. To make full use of this booklet you will first need to read and understand Part 1 which contains the basic information required by a young soldier.

The author has selected the basic motions, from “Militarie Discipline or the Young Artilleryman” by William Barriffe (1643) which are the elements of drill that are required to form the figures of battle.

“The only way to maintain a good standard of footdrill is by regular practice of all the aspects from the postures to the figures of battle”

There are some minor scuffs and marks to the covers and page edges with minor corrosion to the staples. However, the bindings are secure and all content is clean and legible.


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Stuart Press: 17th Century Foot Drill Vols I & II