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Reaper Miniatures 25mm/28mm Fantasy 02704/02467 Gnoll Lord & 4 Marauders (x 5)

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Reaper Miniatures 25mm/28mm Fantasy 02704/02467 Gnoll Lord & 4 Marauders (x 5)
Brand Reaper Dark Heaven
Condition Used

Unpainted25mm/28mm white metal models from the Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven range.Manufactured under licence by Miniature Figurines Ltd., Southampton, UK.

A Gnoll lord and four marauders (two each of two designs)

· Code02704 Manganaw, Lord of the Gnolls. Designed by B. Siens. Three-part model. The figure has a wolf-like head and lion style tail, with separately cast arms, one of which wields a heavy three-stranded whip (scourge). Other than a belt with a small apron he appears to be naked. He stands approximately 60mm tall.

· Code02467 Gnoll Marauders - figures from two packets giving two each of two designs. The figures have a hairy crest and tail and animal like legs and feet with four clawed toes.

o The figures on the left and right ends of the row are the same. He has metal armour to his right shoulder and fur over his other shoulder and metal protection to his left wrist and chainmail groin protection and armour to his upper left leg. He grips the scimitar in both hands. He stands approximately 35mm tall.

o The two central figures are the same. He wields an axe two-handed. He has metal protection to both shoulders and the right shoulder also includes a spike or horn. He has armour to both wrists and the left one includes a spike. He has metal armour to his upper left thigh. He wields a battle axe in both hands and stands approximately 40mm tall.

Supplied without the original packaging, condition of the model as new.

The pictures of the undercoated models are taken from the Reaper Miniatures website.


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