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Ral Partha 25mm Fantasy 02-524 King’s Guards (x 4)  

Ral Partha 25mm Fantasy 02-524 King’s Guards (x 4)

25mm white metal models manufactured by Miniature Figurines Ltd., Southampton, UK. Catalogue Code number 02-524 Kings’s Guards (Musketeers) four figures from the Ral Partha Fantasy Encounters of the Imagination range. Shown on page 26 of the 98/99 Catalogue.
These four figures clearly represent the four heroes from the Dumas novel The Three Musketeers. Three different figures armed with swords in musketeer tabards represent Athos, Porthos and Aramis. The fourth figure, armed with sword and dagger, bareheaded and with no military uniform, represents D’Artagnan. The figures are approximately 30mm tall.
This is an unusual Ral Partha set as they do not really fit in with any of their other role playing ranges or with any of the historical ranges.
Supplied without the original packaging. Condition of the models as new.


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