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Ral Partha 25mm Crucible 91-203 Orc Warriors (x 2)  

Ral Partha 25mm Crucible 91-203 Orc Warriors (x 2)

25mm lead free pewter models from the Ral Partha Crucible range manufactured by Ral Partha Europe, Liverpool, UK.

Orcs of the Final Realm (the Final Realm seems to be somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa). These orcs have acquired a taste for feather adornment and native African style shields and weaponry

91-203 Orc warriors. Two slightly different figures of heavily muscled warriors. They wear spiked helmets and are naked except for a waistbelt and groin protection with feathery decoration to the arms and legs. Each figure carries a large oval shield on its left arm decorated with feathers and an intricate design representing a face. The separately cast shields measure 27mm long x 14mm wide. They are each supplied with a separately cast axe-like weapon which incorporates part of the right arm. They stand approximately 33mm tall The base tags of the figures are marked © 99 Ral Partha.

Both figures supplied with a separately cast plastic slot base (approximately 20mm square).

Supplied without the original packaging, condition of the model as new.


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