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Rafm 25mm Flint & Feather IN02 Huron Warriors (x 6 figs)

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Rafm 25mm Flint & Feather IN02 Huron Warriors (x 6 figs)
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Unpainted 25mm white metal figures from the Flint and Feather range manufactured by the Rafm Company Inc. in Canada.

The Flint and Feather range was designed to represent the first nations of the Great Lakes Indians and the white settlers, however some of these figures could equally well be used for Seven Years War.

IN02 Huron warrior. Six identical models. The figure has a Mohican hairstyle. He is armoured and has wooden/bark protection covering his abdomen and lower chest, upper and lower legs. He is otherwise naked apart from a loin covering. He is cast with an open right hand and has a wood or bark shield on his left arm. The figures are supplied with a sprue of Native American weapons including a bow and quiver. He stands approximately 26mm tall.

Included is a leaflet giving the historical background and painting guide.

Supplied without the original packaging, condition of the models as new.


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