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Potomac: Bermuda Hundred ACW Campaign – Umpires Guide  

Potomac: Bermuda Hundred ACW Campaign – Umpires Guide

American Civil War Bermuda Hundred Campaign – Umpires Guide by George Anderson and Ryan Toews. Published by Potomac Publications © 1996. Please note the material in this book was incorporated with very little modification into the later Potomac publication "In Command".

12 page A4 paperback booklet with plastic slide binder. Unlike the other books in the Potomac Publications series this booklet does not provide details of individual battles but gives an umpires guide to conducting a campaign in 1864 between 23rd April and 24th May.

The background is given, followed by a historical chronology. More detailed information is then given on terrain, movement rates, weather, and the armies involved. This includes notes on the personalities of the commanders and other characters allowing for a certain amount of roleplaying when conducting the campaign. Extensive umpires notes are given followed by the main objectives of the two armies.

The final section gives a complete order of battle for Union and Confederate forces followed by a sketch map. The leaders and units are graded for the Johnny Reb rules but in most instances numbers of men present in each unit are given allowing these campaigns to be adapted to other rules systems.

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