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Osprey: Field of Glory Companion 8 Wolves from the Sea  

Osprey: Field of Glory Companion 8 Wolves from the Sea

Field of Glory Gaming Companion 8: Wolves from the Sea – The Dark Ages by Richard Bodley Scott assisted by Nick Gaukroger, James Hamilton, Paul Robinson, Xavier Codina and David Caceres. Published in Great Britain © 2009 Osprey Publishing Ltd and Slitherine Software UK Ltd. ISBN 978 1 84603 479 4


84 page paperback book 19 cm x 24.2 cm with index. Complete with army lists, historical overviews and maps, and many colour illustrations taken from other Osprey publications.This supplement covers the Armies of the Dark Ages from 496AD to 1070AD (Fall of Rome to the Norman Conquest). Armies include Post Roman British, Early Welsh, Later Scots-Irish, Merovingian Franks, Breton Allies, Later Pictish, Early Slavic, Middle Anglo-Saxon, Astur-Leonese, Andalucian, Early Navarrese, Carolingian Frank, Lombard Allies, Viking, Magyar, Great Moravian, Early Scots, Rus, Norse-Irish, Early Medieval French, Early Medieval German, Norman, Early Polish, Anglo-Danish.


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