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Legacy of Glory Tabletop Napoleonic Rules

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Legacy of Glory Tabletop Napoleonic Rules
Type Historical
Historical Period Napoleonic
Scale Multi-scale (6mm - 25mm)
Brand Legacy of Glory

Legacy of Glory tabletop rules for Napoleonic wargaming. Concept, development and game design P. Matthew De La Mater and Douglas C. De La Mater. Design, format and illustration J. P. Trostle. Legacy of Glory is the trademark of Glory Games Inc. 1990 Glory Games Inc. Printed in the USA.

99 page paperback book of rules (21.5cm x 28cm) followed by 24 pages of appendices which include national ratings and commander ratings. The rules use 10-sided dice, Imperial measurement and a figure ratio of 60 men to 1 model. Alternative measurements are given to allow the use of 6mm, 15mm and 25mm figures.

As well as the rulebook, several quick reference sheets are included together with a set of die cut counters to indicate the current condition of units on the table.

Innovative command, morale and timing systems produce a simulation which is both highly realistic and playable. Large battles such as Aspern-Essling and Borodino can be re-fought using battalions, regiments and batteries in a reasonable amount of time.

These rules were originally sold in a colour printed bookcase box. This copy is offered for sale, virtually as new, complete but without its box.


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