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Gosling Press: An Account of the Battle of Waterloo by a British Officer

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Gosling Press: An Account of the Battle of Waterloo by a British Officer
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An Account of the Battle of Waterloo by a British Officer on the Staff. This edition copyright Gosling Press, Pontefract, UK November 1993. ISBN 1 874351 07 4
This is a facsimile of an earlier book:
An Account of the Battle of Waterloo
Fought on the 18th of June 1815
The English and Allied Forces
commanded by the
Duke of Wellington,
The Prussian Army
under the Orders of
Prince Blucher
The Army of France
commanded by
Napoleon Bonaparte
By a British Officer on the Staff
with an Appendix
The British, French, Prussian and Spanish official Details
of that Memorable Engagement
Third Edition Enlarged
Printed for James Ridgway, Piccadilly
This is a poorly produced facsimile of an original volume produced in 1815. The British officer retains his anonymity throughout, and my personal suspicion is that he is so anonymous that he may not even have been there. I suspect this book was produced to supply the popular appetite for information on this famous battle.
116 page A5 paperback book. The first 48 pages contain the individual account. After page 48 there are various appendices including accounts from various people present at the action together with a casualty list of officers killed, wounded and missing from the allied forces.
This book is hand stapled and has a predominantly white cover which has suffered considerable scuffing and marks. The reproduction itself is photocopied which has led to some discolouration and marks on various pages. Overall the content is clean and legible.


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