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First Rate: Napoleonic Naval Rules Version 1.4

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First Rate: Napoleonic Naval Rules Version 1.4
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Rules for Naval Warfare in the 18th and Early 19th Centuries by Steve Tulk. Copyright August 1994. This edition revised 18th October 1997.

A4 booklet with plastic ring binder. The book comprises 3 contents pages, 23 pages of rules and 21 pages of data and appendices which include 4 pages of photocopiable play aids.

Also included, but not bound in with the rules, are ten sheets of hull hit cards, and ten sheets of rigging hit cards. There are ten cards/sheet giving a deck of 200 cards. These are only printed on A4 paper and would be better photocopied onto heavier stock for use in play, or laminated. There is also an additional play aid of ship record plans Copyright NLWG Publications April 1995. This set of plans includes one explanatory page and seven pages of ship plans with four ships to the page. These range from a 130 gun 1st Rate to a 10 gun unrated sloop. These plans would need to be photocopied or laminated for re-use.

The rules are designed for use with 1.1200 or 1.2400 (or 1.3000) scale models. Normal six sided dice are used.

The rules are new and unused, but the the staples on the ship plans show signs of rust. Otherwise all internal content clean and unused.


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