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Fire and Steel: Skirmish Rules 1700-1900

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Fire and Steel: Skirmish Rules 1700-1900
Condition New

Fire and Steel: Skirmish Wargames Rules 1700-1900 by Mark Evans and Dave Wilson. Published by Keep Wargaming March 1996. 31 page paperback book. A separate page of markers, to be cut out and used in the games, is provided.
These simple skirmish rules were originally used in demonstration games at a number of shows in the 1990s and were developed through the aid of the South Dorset Military Society over a period of 2 years. The booklet contains 21 pages of rules and definitions. The remaining pages are scenarios. The scenarios provided are as follows:
  1. American Civil War Patrol Clash
  2. French and Indian Wars Ambush
  3. The Gunfight (The Man with No Name?)
  4. Indian Mutiny Escape
  5. Napoleonic Peninsular Adventure (Sharpe?)
New and unused but the staples show signs of corrosion.


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