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Please note we are no longer restocking any of these ranges, but we do still have considerable stocks left of many of the lines

Miniature Figurines - 12mm Ranges World War II British, American, German, Russian, French, Italian, Japanese; Vietnam and Post War Modern range including Soviets, American, British, Israeli, German

Miniature Figurines - 15mm Ranges - All ranges stocked.  Includes: Ancients, Medieval, Renaissance, Aztecs, Incas, Marlburian, SYW, Montcalm & Wolf, American War of Independence, Napoleonic, Mexican-American, Crimean, American Civil War, Plains Wars, Franco-Prussian, Colonial, WWI. Log cabins, stockade fencing, walls, hedges etc.

Miniature Figurines - 25mm Ranges Some ranges stocked. Includes: Ancients, Medieval, Renaissance, Marlburian, Seven Years War, Napoleonic, Colonial.

AIM – 12mm ECW and ACW Range (produced under licence by Minifigs)

Reaper Miniatures (American range produced under licence by Minifigs)
15mm Fantasy range includes: Undead, Dwarves, Orcs etc.
25mm Fantasy range – wide range of individual figures, dragons, monsters etc.

Ral Partha - restocks no longer available, but we do still have considerable stocks.
25mm Range includes: Fantasy, Battletech, Shadowrun, Biblical, Classical, Dark Ages, Medieval, Renaissance, Aztecs, Colonials

Naismith - 15mm Ranges - restocks no longer available, but we do still have considerable stocks.
All ranges stocked. Includes: Samurai, Sung, Mongols, Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Conquistador, English Civil War, Napoleonic, American Civil War, Colonial.

Roundway Miniatures - restocks no longer available, but we do still have considerable stocks. 15mm Ranges. Includes Late Medieval, Marlburian, Jacobite, Napoleonic, (French, Austrian, Russian).

Museum Miniatures - 15mm Ranges. Selected ranges stocked including Ancients, Medieval, Renaissance, Boats and Baggage/Campsites

Xyston Miniatures – 15mm Greeks, Persians and Indians; 1/600 Greek Boats

Dixon Miniatures - 15mm Ranges  Marlburian, Indian Mutiny.
Dixon Miniatures - 20mm WWII ranges

Dixon Miniatures - 25mm Ranges. All ranges stocked.  Includes: Samurai, Flodden, Renaissance, Ottoman Turk, English Civil War, Grand Alliance, League of Augsberg, Marlburian, Montcalm & Wolf, Early Napoleonic, Indian Mutiny, American Civil War, Alamo, Gun Fighter and Colonial.

SHQ Miniatures - 20mm Ranges  WWII German, British, American, Russian, French, Poles, Dutch, Japanese,
NEW: Italian, Belgian; Modern Vietnam, Gulf.

Heroics & Ros Figures - restocks no longer available, but we do still have considerable stocks. 1/300 Scale Includes: Ancients, Medieval, Renaissance, Samurai, Marlburian, SYW, Napoleonic, Franco-Prussian, American Civil War, Colonial, WWII, Moderns. 


Osprey Publishing including Men at Arms Series (MAA), Campaign Series (CAM), Elite Series (ELI), Fortress Series (FOR), Field of Glory Ancient Rules and Supplements (FOG), New Vanguard Series (NVG), Warrior Series (WAR), Essential History Series (ESS)

Warhammer Historical includes Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) and associated lists, Warmaster Ancients rules and lists. ECW rules, Legends of the High Sea, Legends of the Old West, Great War

Rapid Fire WWII Rules and Army Lists

Various Partizan Press (Caliver Books) Rules and Reference Books

If you are interested in any items which are not listed in our online shop please contact us on pandthome@btopenworld.com - we may well be able to supply them.