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48 Woodland Way, Devizes, Wiltshire,
SN10 5LB, UK
e-mail: pandthome@btopenworld.com
ebay shop: The Keep and WRG
Tel: 01380 725613



  • Skytrex 15mm Command Decision WWII figures and vehicles;
  • Museum Miniatures 15mm Egyptians & Assyrians;
  • Minifigs 25mm Seven Years War;
  • Minifigs 15mm Alexandrian Macedonian;
  • Dixons 28mm Marlburian, French Dahomey War 1892;
  • Dixons 20mm WWII;
  • Heroics & Ros 6mm ECW, Colonial, WWI;

We have stocked the complete ranges produced by most of these companies but we have not yet been able to list all we have online. Please contact us if you are interested in ranges not listed here, but please note that we are no longer re-ordering so stocks may be limited.