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Alternative Armies 15mm Fantasy HOT42 Elf Heavy Cavalry on Barded Horses (x 3)

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Alternative Armies 15mm Fantasy HOT42 Elf Heavy Cavalry on Barded Horses (x 3)

Alternative Armies 15mm Fantasy range. Unpainted white metal castings. Manufactured by Alternative Armies, Girvan, Scotland. These figures were manufactured to provide armies for the Wargames Research Group Hordes of the Things rules (HOTT), but could be used with any fantasy rules.

HOT42 Elf heavy cavalry with lance. Three identical models mounted on identical barded horses 18mm tall at the shoulder and 30mm long nose to tail. The armoured knight wears a helmet with open face and crest. He holds a lance with tasselled decoration in his right hand and has a heater shield with pointed base and central boss on his left arm.

Supplied without the original packaging, condition of the models as new.


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