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SN10 5LB, UK
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ebay shop: The Keep and WRG
Tel: 01380 725613

Welcome to Keep Wargaming

Keep Wargaming are stockists of a wide range of wargames figures, books and rules for use in tabletop wargaming and fantasy role playing games (RPG).

If you are looking for something you can't find here then please contact us - preferably by e-mail. You can also browse our ebay shop as we often list things there before moving them to this online shop:

ebay shop: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Keep-and-WRG

Recently Listed:

Increased range of Reaper Dark Heaven and Warlord fantasy figures

Reaper 25mm/28mm Dark Heaven Fantasy

Reaper 25mm/28mm Warlord Fantasy

Reaper 15mm Fantasy

Dixons 25mm/28mm Fantasy Legends of Nippon

Dixon Miniatures Early Range of 25mm figures

Rafm 25mm Historical Flint and Feather range

Rafm 25mm Fantasy Custom Characters range

Stuart Press Living History Titles including Recipes & Remedies

Osprey Publishing: including German WWII Titles Men at Arms, Elite, Warrior,

Osprey Publishing: Piracy Titles Elite Series

Ral Partha 25mm 1200AD Range

Ral Partha 25mm Fantasy

Dixon Miniatures 20mm WWII Russian Infantry

Museum Miniatures 15mm Dark Ages & Crusades

Museum Miniatures 15mm Medieval 

Museum Miniatures 15mm Landsknechts (limited stock)

Museum Miniatures 15mm English Civil War

Command Decision 15mm WWII Models:

American Infantry, Vehicles

British Infantry, Vehicles

German Infantry

Russian Vehicles


Stuart Press: 17th Century Foot Drill Vols I & II