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Stuart Press: Hay Making & Meadow Management 1580-1660  

Stuart Press: Hay Making & Meadow Management 1580-1660

Hay Making and Meadow Management 1580-1660 by Rob Stuart. Published by Stuart Press as part of the English Agriculture 1580-1660 First Series. First Edition 1995 © Historical Management Associates Ltd. 1995. ISBN 1 85804 067 1

This booklet forms part of a comprehensive study of agricultural practice in the period from 1580-1660. The objectives of the series are threefold: the first is to provide a guide for Living History interpreters and historians; the second aim is to provide an indication of the raw material used in period cookery; finally, to provide an interpretation of landscapes under different management systems.

12 page A5 booklet.

New and unused.

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