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FASA 1676 "Royalty and Rogues" a Mechwarrior Role Playing Adventure  

FASA 1676 "Royalty and Rogues" a Mechwarrior Role Playing Adventure

Royalty and Rogues a Role Playing Adventure for Mechwarrior 2nd Edition. By Christopher Hussey. Published by FASA Corporation, Chicago, USA. Copyright 1994 FASA Corporation. Catalogue code number 1676. ISBN 1 55560 249 5

68 page book (21.5cm x 27.5cm) with black and white illustrations and hex maps throughout and four additional pages of photocopiable game aids.

The following is taken from the back cover:

“Royalty and Rogues is a roleplaying adventure for use with Mechwarrior, Second Edition. Set in the Battletech universe of 3056, the adventure sends the mercenary player characters on a dangerous mission to rescue a noble and uncover a deadly conspiracy. The adventure includes information on the world of Antallos and its largest city-state, Port Krin, one of the foulest pits of corruption in the Periphery.”

This book has suffered some handling damage, but the binding is secure and all internal content is clean and legible.


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